Plasma Pong


New features for the classical Pong



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Plasma Pong is a new version for Pong, the classical game which had you engaged to your videoconsole for hours and hours.

Don’t you remember that game? Yes, you do, Pong is that addictive game which similar to table-tennis, where there are two bars, one on each side, and they push a ball to the other side trying to make it to pass the barrier and score a point.

It’s more than 3 decades since it came into scene and even nowadays it is played by lots of boys and girls.

Plasma Pong is really simple, but you know that when one game is simple it becomes more and more addictive. Moreover if that simplicity is accompannied by good graphic effects.

Now you can remember those afternoons you spent in front of the TV or the computer, thanks to this renewed version of Pong, now with more features and colours, so, more fun.
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